Trennick – welcoming the Year of the Horse, and the Six Nations!

Friday evening in Trennick was busier than usual with many boys opting to stay the extra night as they were travelling to Millfield the following day to play football for the school. Also during prep a number of girls requested to use the library, so all in all a busy well attended prep.


It was Chinese New Year so all the Chinese and Thai students went into town to celebrate the event at a local restaurant. We are now in the year of the horse!


Later in the evening a number of boys played football in the SBASC and it was great to be joined by the boys from Pentreve. Some of the boys who had returned from their New Year celebrations also turned up later and joined in to play a mixed game of basketball.


On Saturday, all Millfield football games were cancelled, however some of the boys who had originally only stayed with us because of the Saturday fixture elected to stay the whole weekend.


The house crackled with anticipation during the day as it was the first weekend of the Six Nations Rugby with two games being televised. You can imagine how, with this in mind, the boys were busy ensuring they had front row seats in the main common room as these promised to be some very popular matches.


For an outing during the evening the boys had chosen to go to the cinema to watch ‘Lone Survivor’ with a number having been invited to a birthday party. It was a complete contrast in the house from being a very busy one during the day to a virtually silent one during the evening.


Sunday saw a slow start to the day with the library being opened after brunch to allow a number of boys to get some work done.


Early afternoon saw a dodge ball competition in the SBASC for the Trennick boys, as you can see from the video a great deal of fun was had by all competitors. The final was won by Adam’s Assassins.


After the dodge ball some of the ‘men’ watched the last Rugby Six Nations game with the ‘boys’ watching two games of premiership football!  😉


Mr A & Mrs J Lawrence
Trennick House