Trennick – Sun, Sea and Sandcastles

What a fantastic weekend. The weather has been glorious and the boys have had a great time.


On Friday evening Baba, Nnebe and I attended the annual Truro School football dinner. This formal occasion marks the football that has been played in school throughout the year and celebrates pupil achievements in each of the age groups. The rest of the boarders completed prep in the library with many staying afterwards to make the most of the facilities for exam revision. The evening sunset was beautiful and deserved to have its photo taken. The image does not really do the actual view justice, but you do get a flavour of the view from the library where the students study.


Saturday brought the hottest day of the year so far. It was quickly decided that we would go to the beach for a few hours and make the most of the sunny day, making sure that we were back in time for our more conscientious students to study, and the football fans to enjoy the FA Cup final. At the beach we marked out a pitch and we all played touch rugby. A great number of nations of the world were represented at this international event: English, Chinese, Thai, German, South African, Scillonian, and of course the Cornish! Heng also made a novel sand castle; it took a while before we guessed what it was, but when I tell you, you will see it immediately. Yes, it is a sand sculpture of the movie icon ‘Godzilla’. To cool off afterwards we had a swim in the sea, and I popped into town with Josh to buy plenty of water and ice cream for everybody. As you can see from the gallery of photos here we all had a fantastic time.


On return from the beach most of the boys relaxed in the common room in preparation for the FA Cup final, some returned to the library to study, and the rest stayed out enjoying the sunshine. During the evening, the boys went outside and relaxed on the front terrace, some watched TV in the common room and some went to the cinema to watch ‘Godzilla’. The fantasy gamers were also in team based action to accomplish their mission.


Sunday was another sunny day. Joe went rowing early in the morning and the other boys enjoyed a lie in after a busy Saturday. I had a request to open the library which I duly did at 10am. Despite the offer to go to the beach again most students opted to stay at the boarding house to revise. In the afternoon a few boys used the courts and enjoyed some tennis. I also offered the option to cool off by opening the school pool from 1:30 – 2:30pm. As you can see Liam enjoyed himself on his home made paddle board!


The tea on Sunday evening was a BBQ, and the weather was still hot enough to eat outside with most of the students taking this opportunity and making the most of the sun. Afterwards it was back to normality with a very busy library during prep.


This weekend has really flown by, with all of us having a great deal of fun and enjoyment together.


Mr A & Mrs J Lawrence