Trennick – Sports Hall and Moon Festival

Having completed nearly three weeks of term and after two busy weekends of adventure; we decided to make use of the fantastic on site facilities of the new Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre. We booked out the whole double Sports Hall for a selection of football, basketball and badminton and we also had time in the fitness suite.


The whole boarding Chinese community spent Saturday evening in Heath Hall with a take away to celebrate the Moon Festival and welcomed in Autumn in style. Fortunately we had clear skies and the moon could clearly be seen above the Truro skyline from the school fields.


Sunday was a time to tackle the increasing workload now that term is in full flow. We are fortunate to have almost exclusive use of the school’s Dodd library at the weekends and the boys have plenty of opportunities to further their studies.


A gallery of images from the weekend is available to view.


Mr James Austin
Trennick Housemaster