Trennick – A Relaxed Weekend

Boarding on Saturday

During Saturday morning the school hosted a number of football games against some representative West Cornwall sides and from Trennick House Kilian played in goal in the Under 16’s game.


After brunch the library was opened at the request of a few boarders. The common room was busy with many watching sports, including FA cup football and the games room was also very popular.


A number of boarders requested to go food shopping in town. During the evening Kieron, Michael, Brain, Hector, Alan and Lynus used the kitchen and cooked up a real feast in the boarders kitchen. Credit to the boys who were involved, they completed a great job in tidying up after this magnificent feast. Apart from the appetising smells you would not know they had been there.


During the evening Kilian, Heinrich, Leo, Anton and Nakitas went into town for a meal in Zen.

Boarding on Sunday

Sunday was a very similar story, most of the boys either worked in their rooms or in the library. The common rooms were quite quiet during the day.


During the afternoon Bubble Football South West brought bubbles in and ran a fantastic 2 hour session in which the boys thoroughly enjoyed. We joined in with Pentreve and played with mixed teams with a number of different games played which were bubble football, bulldog and last man standing.


This was a great activity, all of the boys who were involved and staff had a fantastic afternoon.