Trennick – Quad Biking

During Friday evening the boys spent their prep time in the library. Afterwards they took full advantage of the SBASC and played football and basketball in the main hall, some played squash whilst others used the fitness suite.


On Saturday morning the boys enjoyed a lay in until breakfast. During the day some took a leisurely walk into Truro city centre and went shopping, a few watched a film at the Plaza cinema, whilst others used the boarding house Wi-Fi internet to play some team based online role playing games.


The outing on Sunday was one that the boys had all been looking forward to all term. All members of Trennick house visited the ATV centre at Blackwater to go quad biking. The weather had turned wet with some heavy showers that turned the ground very muddy however this just added to the enjoyment. Each member of the house had 30 minutes race time on the 125cc machines. After a few restricted practice laps and when the instructors were satisfied each rider could demonstrate good control the boys were given the option to de-restrict their quads. The fun really started then and there were some skids and crashes as the boys had to work hard to control their quads in the slippery conditions.
As you will see by the photographs all riders got completely covered in mud. They also had to keep their mouths closed as the spray from the other bikes would just get everywhere; some found this more difficult than others!!


During the evening we were back in library for prep, then a quiet evening before getting ready for school the next day.


A gallery of images from the weekend is available to view.


Mr A Lawrence
Assistant Housemaster Trennick House