Trennick – paintballing wipe-out

The hopes for the weekend were high as the weather forecasters made bold predictions that Cornwall was going to be warmer than the Greek Islands… It was true! We all rose on Saturday morning to a bright blue sky and a glimmering sun. We were going paintballing – in the warm and dry! Everyone could feel a real buzz and spirits were lifted, so we tucked into a hearty brunch at 10am and boarded a minibus by 10.30am to descend on the paintballing venue just outside Truro.


It wasn’t long before we were kitted up and fully briefed on our mission. The recent irrepressible rain had left the battlefield soggy which further complicated the tactics necessary for victory. It was soon apparent that Cam had the upper hand with his superior battle moves. Even when the boys painted a target on his back, he still avoided much of the fire. Dare took the biggest hit as a result of the slippery conditions which resulted in a spectacular wipe-out.


On return to the house, it was time to clean up and face the remainder of a Saturday afternoon in the sun. Some of the more energetic boys capitalised on an afternoon in the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre, whilst others relaxed in front of a couple of Six Nations’ rugby matches.


Saturday evening was once again the time for a good DVD and a dozen pizzas; a time to really relax and refresh after a busy week.


Sunday morning brunch at 11am was a welcome feast once more; a time to enjoy a sociable and relaxed meal with the rest of the boarding community. It wasn’t too long before the dining room was buzzing with plenty of budding pentathletes who were benefiting from some of the very best coaching in the sports centre. It was great that they could see the school basking in another day of sunshine.


Upper Sixth mock A Levels are to be sat next week, so the library was also in constant use throughout the weekend for periods of revision and consolidation. The girls have also made use of the opportunity to join the boys in an atmosphere that is conducive to academic endeavours.