Trennick – OJ's Warriors Triumph

Welcome back and happy new year to all Truro School boarders; we wish you all a successful 2015.


This weekend began early for Ben who left to play senior hockey for the school away at Blundell’s.  Gabriel was also an early riser as he had drama rehearsals in the theatre throughout Saturday and Sunday.  The other boys in the house made use of the pool table, games room and the sports facilities in the SBASC. During the evening Leo, Pedro, Anton and Heinrich had arranged to go into town for an evening meal, as did Kay, Dare, Tobi and OJ.  Speaking with the boys on their return it was clear that they had a very enjoyable time.  Kilian also popped into town and visited the cinema.


As per usual there were several requests to open the library and a number of boys made use of this on both days.  With the installation of the new wifi network around the main site the boys are now also able to safely, quickly and reliably access the internet from their rooms.


After brunch on Sunday a full boarding outing had been arranged.  As this was the first weekend back and the start of the 2015 all four houses combined for the outing. As the weather was cold and wet it was an ideal opportunity to visit Bombadinga’s for some indoor laser tag.  Four mixed teams were selected for the laser action and throughout the afternoon the teams played each other until one team emerged victorious.  Congratulations to ‘OJ’s warriors’ who did not lose a game.


On our return to school there was an opportunity to take a shower and have some down time until the evening meal.  This was a fantastic traditional roast (beef, pork or vegetarian) with all the trimmings.  In the evening the boys took another opportunity to complete some prep in the library.


Mr A & Mrs J Lawrence