Trennick – Muddy and Smiling

Our last weekend before half term and the sun was shining! The house was quiet on Saturday morning as the boys woke just in time for brunch. A few boys ventured to the gym to work on their fitness whilst others honed their pool skills or chilled in front of the TV.


Saturday evening started with talk of pizza and a debate over the best toppings, base and brand. Mrs Austin took Heng to Tesco to be the decision maker and the boys were not disappointed. Heng and Mrs Austin discovered the best deal combination for a variety of pizzas and some breaded chicken strips. Twelve freshly cooked pizzas and four lots of chicken were devoured in the common room only a few hours after a delicious tea in the dining hall.


Sunday morning started slowly with the customary lie in and a big brunch at 11am. The pace quickened at midday when we boarded the bus for paintball. In near perfect conditions, the boys used a combination of stealth and invasion tactics to work their way to victory. After the last paintball was fired and the contest was complete we headed back, muddy and smiling; two and half hours in the mud firing paintballs at your housemates, who wouldn’t be smiling?


Later in the afternoon, the boys helped the girls prepare the dining room for the evening’s festivities. Our Chinese community will be celebrating New Year during half term but they wanted to share their celebrations with us and the hall was festooned with lanterns and massages of luck and prosperity. On Saturday afternoon some of the boys had helped Kath to prepare food for our Chinese feast. On Sunday evening, we were all treated to a wonderful selection of dishes with a distinctly oriental theme, complete with fortune cookies. You can see some photos from our weekend here.


Kung Hei Fat Choy!