Trennick – indoor fun in the persistent rain

Happy New Year! The first weekend of the New Year and a new term proved to be a mixed bag on the weather front; bright skies with a chilly breeze but some beautiful Cornish sun on Saturday, which was kind to the members of Trennick out on D of E this weekend.  A relaxing evening ensued, with trays of freshly baked pizzas devoured during a film in the evening.  Some boys also took the opportunity to venture into town, or visit the girls’ boarding house, while others settled for FIFA 14 and a game of pool.

Sunday saw the return of grey skies and blustery winds, but after a hearty brunch all three houses travelled to Bombadinga’s for Laser-tag. We split the houses into combined teams of nine and battle commenced. Some indoor fun in the persistent rain was just what the doctor ordered. We returned to the houses in time for some relaxation before a warming tea and an evening free for study to ensure we were all ready for week two.