Trennick – hard work and pizzas

As the public exam season is underway, the boys requested that the Dodd Library be open for the majority of the weekend to ensure that they are fully prepared for their GCSEs, AS and A2 Levels. Many were also fortunate to benefit from dedicated staff offering weekend clinics at this crucial time.


That is not to say that some of the boys didn’t take up the opportunity to venture out into the fresh air and clear their thoughts though. Spaces on the Pentreve trip to the Oasis swimming pool at Newquay were gratefully accepted by a couple of 5th Years and some had an evening trip to the cinema for some down time away from the industrious revision. Traditional Saturday night pizzas were devoured as ever.


Sunday evening saw some early nights and the house was quiet in preparation for the coming week. We have opened our doors and welcomed some diligent extras who have joined us as weekly boarders for the special offer exam study packages. The library is awash with students reviewing their work and consolidating their knowledge through past paper practice and running through questions with resident staff.