Trennick – Goonhilly Segway

It was good to see some new faces in the boarding house this week. Jack, Jamie, Jordan, Stan, Rob, Drustan and Sean all took advantage of the ‘exam package’ and spent a week in Trennick. With these packages during exam time the boys all have the same structured prep time and educational support as the full-time boarders. The boys benefit greatly by not having to travel long distances before and after school, which in some cases can be in excess of two hours per day.


With the football World Cup starting this week there is a great deal of interest as well as three international football matches each day. Just for good measure lots of boys got up early on Saturday morning to watch the second rugby test with England taking on the New Zealand All Blacks.


After brunch the boys had an opportunity to discuss what they wanted to do during the day. With the A2 exams in full swing the popular choice was to study in the library, with some electing to pop into town. As it was a very hot day I opened the swimming pool during the afternoon in order that they could cool down with a refreshing dip in the pool.


During the evening a few boys chose to go to the cinema to see 22 Jump Street, the other popular choice was to watch the new X Men movie.


Sunday brought another hot day. The outing during the afternoon was the Goonhilly Segway and a great time was had by all. After kitting up and the safety talk the boys were off, with the instructors selecting two teams and then taking the group to the first of a number of challenges. There were cross country challenges, slalom, an obstacle course, and a speed test. As a group we had 90 minutes of fun filled activities, however there were some crashes and falls with Dare, Brian, Lynus and Kay falling off their trusty steeds! You can see some photos from our afternoon here.


On return to school the evening meal was a very welcome BBQ that made the most of the glorious sunny weather.


Mr A & Mrs J Lawrence

Trennick House