Trennick – Giving, Revising and Skating

Trennick House was well represented at the Sixth Form swimming gala this week, and the boys’ sterling efforts were rewarded both in the pool and in terms of appreciation by their Heads of House. The chocolate rewards from Wickett House were gratefully received and promptly consumed!


The boarding community continued its commitment to the ‘Giving’ initiative this weekend by running a charity stall at the school Christmas Fair. The Trennick boys were busy during the week preparing reindeer food, bagging up sweet treats, and blowing up 587 balloons and most of the house offered some time to help man the stall throughout the day on Saturday. We will be continuing our charitable efforts by selling sweet and gift bags in the Burrell Theatre during the family Polar Express screening on Wednesday.


Our 5th Years have also had a busy week of mock GCSE exams and we have been full to the rafters with boys taking advantage of the study packages on offer. The boarding environment offers plenty of opportunity for study and less travelling creates time to work constructively, often with teacher support, and also the opportunity to relax and unwind with friends at the end of a busy day. Next week will again see Trennick House bursting with studious 5th Years as the mocks continue, and we wish them every success.


On Saturday evening, the boys hosted some of the girls from Malvern and Poltisco and again quickly consumed a feast of pizzas in the common room. I challenged the winners at pool to a quick game, and it seems they need more practice! The boys have also enjoyed the new layout in the front common room and are awaiting a delivery of games for this quieter, more homely of the two common rooms. The new book shelves allow the house library to be more accessible too.


On Sunday, after brunch we set off in minibuses to the world renowned Eden Project just outside of St Austell. The whole boarding community joined together to grace the ice rink with their enviable skills, well, some more talented than others, but such is life! We escaped the ice with no injuries and were free to roam the biomes. Unfortunately the Rainforest Biome was closed for Christmas preparations but the Mediterranean Biome was bustling and gave a flavour of this magnificent project. Many also took advantage of the hot chocolate and sweet treats on offer and others couldn’t resist browsing in the gift shop.  You can see a gallery of photos from our weekend here.


We arrived back home for a warm and hearty roast dinner in the dining room before the library was reopened for academic endeavours. The atmosphere was one of dedicated study as the boys prepared for the week ahead. School bags packed, laundry bags filled, it was time for the penultimate week of the Autumn Term to begin.


Mr James Austin
Housemaster, Trennick House