Trennick – Getting Seriously Muddy

Friday night saw the final performance of the GCSE Drama productions and after the hours of rehearsals Rory and Gabriel shone on the stage. Many of the other boys took the opportunity to descend on the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre for a game or several of basketball. Plenty of fun was had, although basketball brings more than its fair share of aches and pains to the house! Back in Trennick a few of the boys commenced on a games’ evening, a mammoth Monopoly session running over into Saturday morning was the result, with Nikitas finally emerging victorious.


Cornwall was unusually chilly on Saturday morning and forecasters had even gone so far as to mention snow… although they never seem to quite get it right! Even so, many of the day’s sports fixtures were cancelled due to ice and the boys took the opportunity to stay in the house or venture into Truro.


Dare and OJ cooked up some spicy Nigerian delights in the house kitchen and Mr Austin was thrilled with the final result as they duly demonstrated their solid house spirit and maybe a touch of ‘buttering up’ by plating up a feast for their Housemaster. Anton and Nikitas were also tempted by the delicious aromas and soon pizzas were also on the menu too.


No Saturday evening in Trennick would be complete without a film and a stack of pizzas in the common room and this weekend was no exception. A few of the boys ventured out to the Xen Noodle bar for an early evening meal, only to ensure they returned in time for the house pizza feast too!


Sunday morning’s lie in followed by a delicious brunch was a great start to the day. Later we joined forces with the junior boys from Pentreve House to visit the ATV centre for some quad-biking. The week’s earlier wet weather had created ideal conditions for some seriously muddy challenges. A great time was had by all. You can see some photos from our weekend here.


On return to the house and with the mud washed away, it was time to settle and collect our thoughts for the coming week. After an enjoyable dinner many opted to spend the evening in the library preparing for the week ahead.