Trennick – Full Bellies All Round

At the end of another busy week at Truro School, the boys eagerly boarded the minibuses to head off for Camborne on Friday evening. The reason? All you can eat Chinese! We joined forces with Pentreve (junior boys) and took our seats in Buffet City’s cosy restaurant. There was something for everyone on the menu and the boys made sure they tried pretty much everything: from sticky ribs to squid; and satay to sweet and sour. A couple of hours later, after several rounds of buffet service we were ready to return to the house, bellies full! You can see some photos from the evening here.


Saturday morning started for some without the customary weekend lie in, as they set off for Millfield School in Somerset for football fixtures. Others however, enjoyed the slower start to the day and enjoyed a leisurely brunch and a day in the house sheltering from the wintry weather. The home football fixtures were blasted with hailstones and yet Tobe and Pedro’s performances for the second team helped secure the only home victory.


Many of the boys opted for an evening cinema trip and were delighted with piles of pizza on their return. The pool table and PlayStation 4 also saw plenty of action throughout the day. The boys who were brave enough to walk into town amidst rumours of snow, found a new restaurant to try and were not disappointed.


Sunday, normally a day of adventure, was instead a home day for most with work on the agenda, or just sleeping in and staying warm as temperatures were again close to freezing. The winter sun did brighten the corridors but the wind battered the windows and few ventured out. Snow showers further east caused a stir but it looks as though Truro missed its opportunity for the white stuff again this year!