Trennick – Cooking Up A Storm

With mock exams looming for the 5th Year students next week and with Sixth Form coursework deadlines approaching, the main emphasis over this weekend has been one of hard work and study.


After a hearty brunch on Saturday morning I received a number of requests to open the library; I was pleased to see that many students took this opportunity for some quiet study time. Later in the day the school was hosting a number of games of rugby against West Buckland. From Trennick house, Kilian played in the U16 match. The common room was also busy with a few armchair athletes watching some Premiership football matches as well as the rugby internationals.


A few of the boarders requested to go food shopping in town. It became apparent later how much food had actually been bought. During the evening Kieron, Michael, Brain, Hector, Alan and super chef Lynus cooked up a real banquet in the boarders’ kitchen. There was fish, meatballs, ham, bacon and seafood, noodles, rice and some fantastic smelling sauces to accompany it. All credit to the boys involved as afterwards they completed a great job in tidying up after this magnificent feast. Apart from the appetising smells you would not know they had been there.


Sunday was a very similar story: most of the boys either worked in their rooms or in the library. The common rooms were quite quiet during the day.


The boys are getting ready to welcome ten new boys into the house who are staying with us over the next two weeks. They are utilising the exam study packages that are available to day pupils. This means that for a first time in a while Trennick will be completely full.


Mr A & Mrs J Lawrence