Trennick – City of Lights

On Wednesday most of the boys who were up-to-date with their work ventured into Truro city to watch the annual City of Lights parade. This year’s theme for the lanterns was Heroes and the city streets were once more packed with on-lookers. Many schools, colleges and community groups put their artistic talents to the test with beautiful, illuminated creations built from paper and withies (willow). The Truro School contribution this year paid tribute to the former pupils of the school who gave their lives in the First and Second World Wars and Kieron from Trennick was one of the Art Scholars that came up with the design.


Thursday saw ‘Trennick Football’ as popular as ever, attracting players from across the community for a good spirited game on the astro.


The weekend started for many with rugby fixtures against Shebbear on Saturday with six boys from the house representing the school. Others relaxed in the house and the cinema became a popular choice this weekend with the latest Hunger Games movie on the big screen. The gym and the library also remained popular throughout the weekend. A couple of the boys also made use of the new cooking utensils and cooked a delicious spaghetti bolognaise in the house kitchen. Whilst others took on the challenge of some serious FIFA 15 competition in the games room.


What better way to round off the weekend than a hearty meal in the dining room and some time to prepare for the week ahead with the library’s convenient location? No wonder we are due to be busy in the weeks around the mocks later this term; a place to work, rest and play!