Trennick Boarding Update – 9 October 2015 – Sport, Study & Karting Fun

This was a busy weekend for some boarders who have packed a great deal into the last two days.
Saturday saw one of the biggest rugby fixtures of the term. The school played 12 games in total against Blundells. There were a large number of boarders who represented school sides throughout the boarding community and across a range of different age groups. The juniors had greater success wining most of their games.
Ben also left to play hockey for Truro in Plymouth and Simon left to compete in a fencing competition.
There were requests during the morning and evening to open the library, a few boarders went into town to do some shopping whilst the gym was also a popular destination.
During the evening the boys settled down to see if England could beat Australia and progress further in the Rugby world cup. There were plenty of pasties left over after hosting Blundells at the rugby, these were very popular with the boys during the evening and vanished very quickly. Why are teenage boys so difficult to fill up?
Sunday started with brunch as normal, then some quiet time in the house before the Sunday outing. Chris, Brian and Cyrus joined the senior girls who went horse riding at Carn Brea, the rest of the house travelled to Hayle’s Coast to Coast go kart track.
The boys had two sessions of karting to look forward to and after the safety brief instruction on how to best use the karts the racing began. The boys were spilt into 2 groups because of numbers which made the two 10 lap races far more competitive!
Truro School Boarders enjoy Go Karting
The track has eight corners in total, a mix of very slow hairpin corners, which reward careful throttle control, blind ninety-degree sweeping corners and heavily banked bends for exhilarating high speed cornering. Every bend leads directly into another, making this an incredibly technical rollercoaster. This lends itself to suit a better driver as opposed to the faster kart. In group one Benjamin recorded the fastest lap whilst in group two Ben also recorded the fastest lap. It must be in the name?
We returned home during the late afternoon with most of the boys finishing it off by watching the football on TV or playing Fifa on the PS4.
After a lovely traditional roast for supper the boys settled into the library for compulsory prep in readiness for the week ahead.