Trennick Boarding Update – 7 September 2015 – Beach Rugby

We have come to the end of the first week of term and we have already achieved so much. Early, on a somewhat rainy Sunday morning, the telephone rang with the news that our first new Trennick Boarder had arrived, ready to settle into his new term-time home. Despite my assurances that it doesn’t always rain in Cornwall, I was quickly dismissed with, ‘You can’t fool me, I used to live in England!’ Well, this summer, you might well have to go along with that, but I promise, the sun does shine.
Over the next few hours, the corridors began to rumble with suitcases and a buzz of anticipation and excitement filled the house. Many boys arrived with their families, whilst others arrived on the school-run shuttle from Heathrow, but either way, there were smiles and warm welcomes. With suitcases unpacked and rooms organised, there was some time for questions or exploration before a family dinner and some treasured farewells.
A relaxing evening over a game of pool or FIFA 15 and a much appreciated Domino’s pizza-fest followed by an early night to get the long journeys out of the system before a Truro School boarders’ brunch in the morning to recharge for a day in glorious sunshine at Tolcarne beach in Newquay. Four houses, four minibuses packed with wetsuits, body boards, boarders, staff families, swim kit and sun-cream, and we were off. The beautiful coastline at Newquay never fails to impress and Tolcarne was the perfect spot for the first game of Beach Rugby, paddling or even swimming/surfing and, of course, sun-bathing with an ice cream.
Beach Visit - Trennick Senior Boys Boarding
After several relaxing hours on the beach, we boarded the buses and headed back to the School Chapel to meet Rev and Mrs de Gruchy. The Chapel, only a stone’s throw from the boarding house, is the spiritual heart of the school and the boarders, like all pupils, get to know the Rev and his wife well over the years here. Mrs de Gruchy ran the overseas pupils through their baseline language checks and fun and games getting to know each other with the Rev were fitted in before Dinner.
The evening was spent in the house learning more about being a boarder at Truro School and getting ready for the start of the school term on Tuesday when the more familiar faces of Trennick started to return to the house. Induction programmes completed, tours of the school and city successfully negotiated and a boarding community trip bowling before families of new and existing boarders enjoyed a BBQ on Wednesday evening and the boys and the boarding house were ready to start the Autumn Term 2015 fully prepared and raring to go.
On a personal note, the boys in Trennick have impressed me with their willingness to be involved in everything during this first week, to ask questions when they need to and to support each other. We have very much enjoyed getting to know the new boys and also hearing all the summer news from our returning boarders; we are all looking forward to a fantastic year in Trennick House.

Mr Austin – Head of Senior Boys Boarding