Trennick Boarding Update – 21 September 2015 – First Aid

There has been a buzz around the boarding house all week. The boys have been eagerly awaiting the start of the rugby world cup. At 8pm on Friday the hosts England played in the opening game against Fiji at Twickenham. The boys celebrated with a mid evening feast of Pizzas, chicken, and Chinese food.
The cheers could be heard all around the house throughout the game with England eventually winning 35-11 at the final whistle.

Boarding on Saturday

The rugby theme continued on Saturday with many other games to watch, especially South Africa versus Japan. Wow, what a game. If you are new to rugby as a number of boys are, you could not want to watch a finer display of end to end rugby by both teams.
Ben, Simon, Tammo, Giovanni and Marcel caught the train to Falmouth to do some shopping. The boys really enjoyed this traditional Cornish sea side town.

Boarding on Sunday

After brunch on Sunday all of the boarding house attended a first aid course that was facilitated by a member of staff from the SBASC who is qualified to deliver first aid courses. Using practical demonstrations he guided to boys through a range of topics; CPR, the recovery position, how to deal with bleeding, hypothermia, and use of portable defibrillators. All the group got hands on experience using the resuscitation manikins, bandaging and the defibrillator and placing each other in the recovery position.
During the late afternoon it was back to the rugby world cup. After the evening meal it was back to the normal school night routine with the library being opened for one hour of compulsory study.