Trennick Boarding Update – 2 October 2015 – Paintballing

The Rugby World Cup continues to occupy the mind of staff and many of the boys alike and with the Common Room decorated with the flags of the 20 nations and a truly World Cup theme, the house are ready to support the spirit of the game.
We swapped our weekend activity from Sunday this week and I took two trips of boys to enjoy a fun- filled afternoon paintballing. The weather was perfect for storming the castle and everyone enjoyed the battle. I am sure there are more than a few bruises, however, as a reminder of the closely fought contest!
The Trennick Chinese and Hong Kong boarders joined forces with those from the other three houses to celebrate this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival in style. Eating out in a restaurant in Truro and then moon watching on the fields. A ‘Supermoon’ to celebrate and Sunday’s Lunar eclipse to round off the celebrations.
As the evening drew in and the much anticipated England v Wales game arrived, the pizzas were baked and the scene was set…After a positive start and an exciting game, the tension grew and the roars of the Welsh dragon drowned out the cheers…England lost by three points: 25-28. A disappointing end to an exciting day.
As I departed for London to embark on my ‘Diploma in Leading Boarding Forward’ course, I left the house in the hands of Mrs Austin who ensured the boys were fully prepared for the week ahead. Joshua and Nikitas treated the boys to yet more culinary delights, with an afternoon of cooking in the house kitchen. Now they just need to work on their clearing up skills a little more and they will be ready for an independent life! A delightful weekend in late sunshine to keep us moving through this busy term.
On Tuesday evening, we joined forces with the junior boys from Pentreve, we grabbed our pasties and jumped on the minibuses to head to Home Park to watch Plymouth Argyle…and they won…and they are top of the league!
Wednesday evening was another busy one, with the Sixth Form Open Evening. Our Fifth Year boys enjoyed finding out about Sixth Form life and the subject prefects provided excellent support to departments across the school. It was great to see so many boys involved in supporting the school and keen to explore its merits as they look forward to the next stage in their education.

James Austin, Head of Senior Boys Boarding