Trennick Boarding – Surfing

The rumours were true and the Summer has arrived in Cornwall!
Trennick boys have been busy with GCSEs AS and A-Levels since before half-term but the Lower Sixth exams have come to close and the end is in sight for some of the other boys too. The Lower Sixth were able to capitalise on an extra gym session on Friday evening whilst the others kept to their study plans. Given the popularity of the library over the last few months; I am confident the boys have developed robust revision programmes to suit their needs.
A group of boys and girls from across the boarding community went out for a meal to celebrate Veronica’s birthday in town, whilst many of the others relaxed in the house or at the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre for the evening.

Boarding on Saturday

The sun shone in through the curtains on Saturday morning and gave us a glimpse of the weekend ahead. I dropped a couple of boarders up to the catch the train to Plymouth at 7am and it was a welcome and delicious brunch on Saturday morning that fueled mini-adventures into town and outdoor study sessions in the school grounds. Although apparently not quite enough food for some as the house kitchen triggered the fire alarms just before 1pm! The food was still edible and all the boys accounted for.
The Sixth Form boys had planned an evening out in town but some hedged their bets for the traditional Trennick pizza-fest. Pizzas, dough balls, onion rings and chicken pieces…devoured in no time!

Boarding on Sunday

Sunday saw the glorious weather continue and the boys were pleased that their surf lesson could go ahead as planned. We set off to Perranporth with the Pentreve boys and a couple of girls from Malvern too. Sun, sea, sand and surf… what more could you ask for?

Trennick boarders go surfing in the Cornish seas!

Trennick boarders go surfing in the Cornish seas!

‘Oh, a BBQ after tea tonight sir?’
So we dashed out for burgers, sausages and some more chicken and the Trennick boys enjoyed a barbecue in the setting sun. A great atmosphere as the boys ate, chatted, and played along to quite a playlist.
A fabulous weekend in the house, a great time for some relaxation in amongst the study.