Trennick Boarding – Food Glorious Food

The title really sums up this weekend for the boys.
We welcome James and Toby this weekend who have used the exam boarding option to take advantage of staying in school and utilising the structured prep time during the weekend.
From Friday evening throughout the weekend to Sunday evening the boys have been revising for their exams. The library has been extremely busy with the boys really knuckling down to their studies.
It has not all been about work as they have used to kitchen to good effect. Studying must make boys very hungry. Many meals have been created this weekend in the boarders kitchen. Perhaps I should start writing book of ‘Trennick recipes’ so that they are available for future Trennick boarders. All boys at some point have cooked this weekend. Even if it was helping somebody else. I was even asked for some fresh garlic on Friday evening in order that it could be added to a marinade! Thanks to Anton and Nakitas who gave me a bowl of the fantastic Chinese meal that they had cooked during Saturday afternoon.
Before Saturday brunch the main common room was busy with boys watching Australian rugby. Two top games were on offer. Many happy returns to Anton who celebrated his 18th birthday on Saturday. During the evening he and a group of friends went out for a meal in Truro.
At supper on Saturday night the boys had some fantastic meal choices. A rich lamb madras, sumptuous salmon steaks, vegetarian lasagne and a good selection of salads accompanied by a selection of tempting puddings.
During Sunday the boys again used the library, a few used the gym to good effect, some played tennis. What a surprise the kitchen was back in use again. After another great evening meal the some boys are taking a break and going to the cinema. Two films of choice are. Jurassic World and Mad Max.
The weekend has gone very quickly, there are only two weekend left before the end of the academic year. Where has the time gone? A few boys will be finishing their exams next week and will be leaving to go home. We will not see them again until September. Have a great holiday boys and see you after the summer break.

Mr A & Mrs J Lawrence
Trennick House