Trennick Boarding Update – 16 September 2015 – Truro Cinema

The boys have settled back into their school routines, with a full week of lessons and prep behind them. By now the boys should also have found some interesting activities to engage in outside of taught lesson time. The house is home to several very talented musicians and I can hear evidence of this as I type, with Cyrus practising on the house piano. We like to encourage the boys to try a wide range of activities and last weekend, the house were treated to a fencing taster session. Trennick is already home to one of the school’s elite fencers and a few are interested in pursuing this further after a fun but exhausting session with Truro Fencing Club last week.
On Friday evening, the majority of the boys in the house ventured up to the Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre for basketball and badminton. It’s great to see everyone making the most of the school’s fantastic facilities and having fun engaging in some physical recreation.
On Saturday, some of the boys came up to support their housemates and school friends in their first rugby match of the season against Ivybridge. Unfortunately, it was a loss at home this time but the boys played well and the support was appreciated. The evening was spent in traditional Trennick fashion, with TV, pool and pizza. Some of the girls from Poltisco House joined us and the boys were happy to share a slice or two.
We were looking forward to cycling the Camel Trail from Wadebridge to Padstow but unfortunately the weather forecast for this weekend was not ideal. The boys were keen to shelter in the cinema and watch the latest releases instead.
Sunday evening saw the library bustling with boarders preparing for the week ahead as the boys are all working hard to stay on track and reach for their aspirational targets. House staff tutorials have also started to get underway and it won’t be long before the first round of progress reports are due.