Trennick – battles of different kinds

On Wednesday Jack played cricket for the 1st XI against the MCC. In what was a close game he opened the bowling and delivered with accuracy and consistency which helped to restrict the visitors to a low score. The game ended in a draw with school just 10 runs short!


On Friday Liam and Joe returned to the Isles of Scilly for the famous World Pilot Gig Championships which is the biggest event in the Islands’ calendar. They both helped out at the event as the islands were extremely busy with hundreds of boats and thousands of rowers taking part in this event.


Also on Friday a number of boys were keen to start working in exam mode and as a consequence stayed in the library after prep to complete extra work and revision. Some used the sports centre and played indoor football too.


After brunch on Saturday morning we held a house meeting to discuss what the boys wanted to do as an outing. There were a number of requests to go to the cinema and watch either “The Amazing Spiderman 2” or “Bad Neighbours”.


The library was also duly opened and many students took advantage of this. During this week the school had installed a superfast wi-fi broadband internet connection in the library and so now all boarders can safely access the web using their laptops, tablets or phones. This has made a big difference to the number of pupils wanting to work in the library taking advantage of this great facility.


During the evening some students chose to visit the cinema with others electing to go on the Sunday evening.  Most of the boys stayed in to watch the football as there were many games on throughout the afternoon and evening with a number of teams playing for promotion or to avoid relegation.


Sunday’s outing was a joint one with Malvern to Big Dunc’s Paintball. The afternoon was filled with fun and enjoyment with two mixed teams competing against each other to accomplish a number of missions without being shot. You certainly know if you have been hit! Some players experienced this more than others! Both teams enjoyed five separate missions over two hours of fun on a lovely, sunny afternoon.  You can view a gallery of photos from the afternoon here.


Sunday evening saw a return to the football with yet more games to watch. There was also a WWE wrestling event during the latter stages of the evening that drew a large crowd in the common room.


All in all a busy but very enjoyable weekend.


Mr A & Mrs J Lawrence