Trennick – Basketball and Six Nations Fever!

It is hard to believe that this is the last weekend before the Easter break. This means that we have almost complete two thirds of our academic year. Where has the time gone?


It was lovely to welcome back two former pupils who came to visit. A very warm welcome to Rafiel and Kevin. Straight away they bumped into some old friends from Trennick and started socialising, it was if they had not left.


Basketball and Rugby

During a glorious Saturday it was great to see some of the boys making use of the outdoor facilities and playing basketball. What a view from the top courts looking down into Truro.


OJ and Dare used the kitchen and cooked up some spicy chicken and noodles. All of this was interspersed by the final weekend of the Six Nations Rugby and the common room was busy whilst the boys watched the rugby. When the England game started the room swelled even more and with all the cheering it was certainly loud.


After the excitement of the rugby, Dare, Tobe, OJ, Leo, Anton, Kilian, Henrich, Pedro and Nakitas popped into town to have some food at Zen.

Boarding on Sunday

Sunday was another glorious day. A few used the library in the morning to good effect whilst some worked quietly in their rooms.


After brunch the boys were keen to keep the basketball theme going. Most of the boys from Trennick went to the sports centre and really enjoyed playing a full hour of basketball. There were several requests afterwards to make this a regular event.

Looking Ahead to Easter

As this is the last weekend there was an ideal opportunity to have a house clear up before the boys leave for the Easter break and so the boys were busy housekeeping part of Sunday evening.


We wish all the Trennick boys a very enjoyable Easter break. A time to re-charge the batteries and look forward to the summer term.