Trennick – a weekend of sport and food

On Wednesday the school’s 2nd XV played rugby against the Cornwall College 1st XV. The game was very one-sided with the school winning convincingly. Congratulations go to Boj, who played a vital role in the pack throughout the game and who capped off a great performance by scoring his first try for the school.


During Friday evening some of the boys were very mindful of the forthcoming exams and asked if the library could stay open for longer so that they could study.


Also a big thank you to Heng who helped me re-arrange the front common room. The new layout is far more accessible for the boys, with a dedicated area for the PS3 and games console, and also a set area for the TV.


On Saturday there was an early start for Liam, Josh and Boj who travelled to Shebbear to play rugby for the 2nd XV. They again played well and won 26-17.


A few boys who were not playing sport in the afternoon avidly watched the rugby internationals in the main common room.


In the evening a number of boys requested to go out to the cinema and watch the new Hunger Games film, ‘Catching Fire’.


During Sunday there were many requests to use the library to complete course work and study for forthcoming exams, whilst Joe attended rowing on Stithians Lake with the Greenbank club.


In the afternoon they boys asked to use the sports centre to play basketball, and as the picture shows, Heng was in good form.


The evening was a very quiet one with the boys playing some pool and watching football.


On Monday evening all of the house staff, their partners and the entire boarding house went to Sam’s in the city for the Trennick end of term meal.


It was a lovely evening and great to celebrate a very busy and enjoyable first term with the boys. You can see some photos from the meal in the gallery.