The Skills Show Experience

By Beth, 4th Year


On Thursday 16 October, the whole of the 4th Year went to the Royal Cornwall Showground for the Skills Show Experience in the cattle shed. It was full of business and career stands ranging from catering to first aid; all of which had activities and information that you could take part in or take home to learn more. We had an hour and a half to look at anything that interested us and ask questions. Many other schools took part.


My own experience took me from catering (where we got to decorate biscuits), agriculture (where I was shown a robotic milking system), St John’s Ambulance (where my friend learned how to perform chest compressions) and The Army (where they told me all of the possible jobs that were available).


Overall I found the day intriguing as it widened my perspective of career opportunities (such as mock-tail mixing in hotels) and interesting as it broadened by knowledge on the specific fields that I was most interested in. The only thing I would change would be to give us more time – and maybe provide us with a bag for all of the inevitable freebies!