The Chamber Choir in Birmingham

The chamber choir gave a great performance on Wednesday at the National Festival of Music for Youth. Having been selected in the regional heats, the choir worked hard in preparation for the acclaimed festival where musical ensembles and choirs from around the UK come together over the period of one week to showcase their talent.


Following an early start, we arrived in Birmingham and gave a performance in the festival marquee. With choirs already gathering in the city, we had a real sense of the size of this event, and were well received by the crowd. Quickly relocating to the Adrian Boult hall in the Conservatoire, we were delighted to see some familiar faces of parents and families who had made the journey to support us. The choir gave their finest performance of the three chosen songs, Nine Brave boys, a Cornish folk song sung in both Cornish and English, arranged in music lessons through improvisation and development, Kusimama, a choreographed song sung in Swahili and English and finally Marvellous song, a fast paced tongue twisting rendition. We were delighted to be awarded one of the two special prizes, that for the most innovative performance.


In the summer we will receive the final results to see if we have been selected to sing at the RAH in the Schools Proms in November 2013. Well done to all!


More of photos can be seen on the Clasic FM website and in a photo gallery of the event