The Canterbury Tales – What the cast thought…

Madelaine | 3J | Hard work, but the performance is always worth it!

In this production we played five of ‘The Canterbury Tales’ with a huge cast ranging from 1st – 4th Years. I played an Alchemist and we introduced these tales, linked them together, and added narration and sound effects.
The Alchemists were in every tale so we had loads of lines to learn, not to mention actions and cues. As the tales were put together, we began to worry that the performance wouldn’t be ready in time – and we were also preparing for exams, which was stressful. However, I enjoyed rehearsing alongside revision because it gave me a break and time to focus on something else.
By the time of the technical and dress rehearsals, exams were over and we just about had it in the bag! All the rehearsals may have been hard work, but the performance is always worth it! From the moment you step on the stage to the moment you step off, you are no longer you; you’re in another world.
Overall this play was great fun. I made new friends in other years and you create bonds with the students and teachers you act with, and learn to trust and respect each other. That’s what makes acting so special for me.
The Canterbury Tales - Truro School 2015

Alex | 3H | The cast turn into one big family

Huzzah! What fun I’ve had doing the Junior Play! From knights, to alchemists, to pilgrims and cockerels, this year’s Junior Play, ‘The Canterbury Tales’, was great fun for all ages, both on and offstage. Blood (mostly imaginary dragons’ blood), sweat (it’s hotter under those stage lights than you may think), and tears (of laughter, of course) were put into making it such a memorable production.
This is my third Junior Play, and they never disappoint. That is most likely down to what amazing fun we all have; the cast turn into one big family. Sometimes, people are unsure when we originally read through the script, as nothing jumps out and hits you, other than the odd chuckle at one-liners, but I am sure that anyone who saw the Junior Play will agree that thanks to cast suggestions, and the incredible work of the directors, the script is transformed into a vibrant, colourful show of the talent of the actors, tech crew and backstage crew – and of course, the costume ladies.
To all those wonderful people mentioned above: Miss Egar and her co-directors, Mr Vyvyan, Mrs Vaughan, Mr MacDonald, Dr. Crees and any others involved, thank you for giving all of us a great time and an amazing experience!
Burrell Theatre | The Canterbury Tales | Drama at Truro School

Ben | 1J | A lot of fun

My experience in the Junior Play was a lot of fun. There were a lot of funny parts in the play and the people who watched it said that they found it super funny and they loved it. If future students are thinking about doing the Junior Play then do it! It’s fantastic! I loved it so much and it was all down to Miss Egar, the other directors, the tech team, the costume team and the rest of the cast.
To put a production of this standard together in the time span of 6 weeks requires extreme dedication and hard work by the cast and crew. I played Absolon in ‘The Miller’s Tale’ and we rehearsed twice a week every week and when it came closer to the show we did more, so it took a lot of work to do the show and perform it – especially as you have to wear make up!
This is the most fun performance I have done at Truro School so far and I’m sure the Drama Department will have a lot more in store for me. The Drama Team also said goodbye on the last night to a great member and long term teacher, Mr. MacDonald, who is retiring, and who played Geoffrey Chaucer on the last night. Thanks Sir!
Junior School Play 2015 - Burrell Theatre