Sports Day 2015 – Result Overturned!

As the sun came up on Tuesday 23 June 2015, the ground staff, maintenance staff and PE department were busy putting the final preparations together for this year’s Sports Day. The forecast was good and everyone in the school was eager to kick-start proceedings by 9.00am.
Following some brief House meetings and final team talks the pistol was shot for the first time with the sprint races starting the day. With over 400 pupils taking part and 60 staff involved the rest of the school was deserted. There was a great atmosphere and all the competitors gave their best efforts.
The team competition was a very close run thing and, on the day, the preliminary scores suggested that Vinter House were the winners by 7pts over School house.

House Vinter Celebrating Sports Day - Truro School

House Vinter celebrate what they thought was victory at Sports Day 2015

However, the following week, having checked all the scores there were a few adjustments to make as the data brought to the PE department’s attention that some students had taken part in more events than they were allowed to. The revised scores revealed a shock as School House moved to the top of the leaderboard!
The final overall House positions were:

Sports Day 2015 – Final Scores House Points
1st School 2113.5
2nd Vinter 2103.5
3rd Smith 1958.5
4th Wickett 1867.5

The Victor and Victrix Ludorum winners were:

Year Group Victor Victrix
1st Year Sam N Rosie B
2nd Year Harris M Daisy M
3rd Year Billy B Emily B
4th Year Max F Matilda S
Senior Sebastian F Chloe W