South West Swimming Championships Relays 2014/15

25 of our swimmers took part in the 57th ESSA National Swimming Championships for Secondary Schools – Relays 2014/15 (South West) at Millfield School. Everyone who took part put in some excellent performances and we had some pleasing results. There were over 40 schools present, with a total in excess of 800 swimmers, quite an impressive event. Each of our 6 teams took part in 2 relays: 4 x 50m freestyle relay and 4 x 50m medley relay.


Position Time
Junior Boys
Freestyle relay A – 9th 2:13:89
B – 17th 2:21:75
Medley relay A – 5th 2:26:14
B – 17th 2:46:86
Junior Girls
Freestyle relay 28th 2:26:10
Medley relay: 23rd 2:50:71
Inter Boys
Freestyle relay A – 14th 2:01:68
B – 22nd 2:08:38
Medley relay A – 16th 2:20:75
B – 21st 2:31:63
Inter Girls
Freestyle relay 34th 2:17:51
Medley relay 38th 2:42:74