Date Posted... Sep 27th 2017



Tennis Update- Tuesday 26 September

Tennis Regionals vs WestBuckland (U14/U13 Girls) On the warmest day of September yet our team of 4 girls travelled to Newquay to face WestBuckland in the regional round of tennis. Each player played one set of 6 as an individual and then teamed up to play doubles for a final set of 6. The games looked extremely close with some outstanding rallies played from all of the girls. Our girls were focussed and worked hard at where and what shot would be best to use at certain times in the game. All games were extremely close and the sets did not reflect the games. West Buckland came out on top winning each set which was extremely unfortunate for our girls! Our girls put a fantastic performance and I was very impressed with their efforts.

Well Done Girls!

Miss Manley