Date Posted... Oct 10th 2017



Prep School Rugby Update October 2017

Year 3 Rugby v Polwhele House

Tuesday 3rd of October saw Truro Prep play host to a feast of TAG rugby. Two teams from Polwhele House and three teams made up of pupils from 3SM played in a number of different matches against each other. With the emphasis on enjoyment and learning the rules, in what is to many pupils a new sport; no scores were kept. There were, however, a myriad of tries from all teams with some great play and fantastic sportsmanship from all teams. It was pleasing to see so many parents spectating and celebrating the enjoyment that was clear to see by all those involved.



Year 4 Rugby at St Petrocs

On Tuesday 26th of September, Truro Prep combined with St Petroc’s School for an introduction to tackling and its use in competitive games. The afternoon started with a gradual build-up of the tackle technique and advanced gradually to a full game of contact for the players, with all participants split into four teams and playing a round robin style festival. This was a great afternoon for the players and a fantastic opportunity for the parents that came to see how children are introduced to the contact element of the game in a safe and controlled manner. The topic of contact rugby in primary schools has been given much media attention over the past few weeks with some negative opinions. Tuesday afternoon’s fixture was a prime example of why Truro Prep School believes primary age children should be allowed to play contact sport and how we are encouraging all the positive aspects that come from the game. Thank you to all parents for their continued support.


Y5 and 6 Rugby: Truro Prep v Polwhele House

Year 5 and 6 were in action against Polwhele House on Wednesday 4th October with both games producing great results for Truro Prep. The Year 5 team earned an impressive victory thanks to some ferocious tackling and slick handing. Their game was played in good spirits with fantastic support from parents. The Year 6 team built on their success in the Plymouth College Tournament with a victory, however, didn’t manage to produce the consistency and teamwork shown during their recent games. There were glimpses of what the team is capable of during the match, with three great team scores resulting in a hard-fought victory. Another great turnout of parents was on show and we thank you for your continued support.