Date Posted... Mar 5th 2018



Portugal Surfing Trip Blog

In February half term, a group including myself and 19 other excited surfers alongside Mr Meads, Miss Malla and our coach Sam Lamiroy travelled to Lagos in Portugal where we stayed in the Surf Experience Lodge for a week.  It was my 3rd surf trip to Portugal.

We drove overnight from Truro to catch the plane from Bristol to Faro and then took a 1 hour car journey to Lagos. After lunch, we went straight out for our first surf!

Each day started with a quick breakfast and then a short walk to the “board room” to get ready for the day ahead.  From there we would take a van to the chosen beach for that day.  Once at the beach everyone would get suited and jump straight in the water.

After the morning surf a very needed lunch would be eaten, freshly prepared every morning by the chef from the Surf Experience Crew. The food was a real highlight of the week – just excellent.  In the afternoon, everyone hit the water again for the second surf of the day.

The evenings would consist of video analysis of the day’s surfing and a great meal cooked either in-house or out at a restaurant.

Each year we have been blessed with good waves. This year certainly didn’t let us down! Over the week we surfed various surf spots around the south and lower west coast of Portugal.  Each student had a main goal was to get to the next level on the iAM band levelling system, which many of us achieved.

Over the week everyone had learnt something new and useful for their futures in surfing.  From my experience of this year’s surf trip I have gained a lot of knowledge that I can now apply to my surfing anywhere I go and I made some great new friends.

A massive thank you to all of the crew over in Portugal and the staff on the surf trip and I will be looking forward to going on the next one!


Harry Corden-Lloyd (5th Year)