Date Posted... Sep 28th 2016



Match Report- U12 A and B Girls Hockey Saturday 28th September

The girls turned up on a bright and early Saturday morning prepared, organised and ready for action. The games got under way, the A team had the majority of the possession of the ball but struggled to find the net in the first half, moving the ball from left to right and sending the route one ball early with a number of shots on goal, the goals were on their way. Mount Kelly had hardly seen the ball but had 3 breaks in the first half which caught Truro on the back foot and they certainly were not going to give up on golden opportunity’s. In the second half Truro stepped their game up and started finding the back of the net, once one goal came the goals kept rolling but so did Mount Kelly’s, both teams were determined for a win. With only a few minutes to go Mount Kelly found the back of the net, 4-3 to Mount Kelly. Truro continued to pile on the attack and got awarded a short corner with seconds to go on the clock, it was well worked and the ball was finished calmly but with power. It was a great way to end and the girls definitely deserved a draw. The B team were hungry for the ball from the start and played lots of short sharp balls which moved them up the pitch comfortably keeping the ball in their possession, finding themselves having a number of chances in front of goal, which they put away convincingly, and the goals kept following. The goals were well worked by the whole team and the finishing was superb.

I asked both teams what they thought the best things were about the games, both teams responded with ‘team work, we worked well in our teams’. It was a great team performance for all and what a great start to the season. Well Done Girls!

A Team- Drew 4-4

B Team- Won 8-1

Miss Manley

Head of hockey and PE technician