Date Posted... Jan 22nd 2018



Hockey Update – 22 January

Wednesday 10 January

Under 16 Girls Indoor County Hockey Tournament v’s Truro High School


Lost 1-13


Missing a few players due illness & injury we tried our best against a well-drilled Truro High School team. A couple of their players had played indoor hockey for England Lions a few weeks before and they proved to be too good for us on this occasion. We played four quarters of fifteen minutes. In the first two quarters we conceded five goals and struggled to get any shots on goal. We upped the pace in the last two quarters and looked much better eventually scoring a goal (C.Hatcher) near the end. The girls worked very hard and seemed happy to eventually score a goal.


Mrs Wyatt


Thursday 11 January- Under 15/Under 16 Girls

Helston vs Truro School- 2-4 loss

The first game of the year and playing a combined Under 15/Under 16 team. With a couple of players out due to injury and illness we lay thin on ground with players. The game was at high intensity throughout and it was extremely equal, with end to end play. Both teams having key players in the middle of the pitch, they both took full advantage of having the majority of the play go through them. Both of our goals were well worked goals, a fantastic team effort throughout, great battling from all players. Well played girls, it was an extremely unfortunate result!


Miss Manley


Saturday 13 January- Match Report – Hockey – Under 13 Boys vs. Mount Kelly and West Buckland (Boys)

Vs. Mount Kelly: 0-5

Vs. West Buckland: 1-8


On Saturday 13 January, Truro School hosted a mini hockey tournament which saw the Under 13 Boys’ Hockey Team face some strong opposition. It was also the first time that the boys had played together this season as a team. The first game was against Mount Kelly and, with the mixture of strong rain and cold weather, it proved to be a tough first match. After a slightly slow start, the boys were quick to adapt their game play and were in possession of the ball for a large majority of the game. While several quick goals were scored against the team to begin with, the boys ensured that the last half of the game had fast game play making it more difficult for further goals to be scored.  Following a short break while the two visiting teams played, the boys warmed up with some very welcome hot chocolate and were ready to play again. West Buckland were a very strong side. However, this did not phase the boys and the goal scored by the team went to show how tenacious they are. It was also commented on by the coaches and the supporters how much strong raw talent there is in the Truro School team. Even though the boys weren’t as successful as they hoped to be, they have shown that this could be a very promising season. ‘

Miss Woods


Saturday 13 January- Under 12 Boys Hockey- vs Mount Kelly and West Buckland

Our Under 12s played in some pretty wet and windy weather against Mount Kelly and West Buckland in two 7 -a-side games. All three teams seemed pretty well matched however with some good movement and accurate passing Truro came out on top with a 4-2 win against Mount Kelly and a 4-1 win against West Buckland. All the boys showed their versatility and hockey skills by playing in a number of positions throughout the games.

Mr Hatfield


Saturday 13 January- Under 14/Under 15 Boys Hockey vs Mount Kelly and West Buckland

The Boys Under 14/Under 15 team played a triangular fixture against West Buckland and Mount Kelly on Saturday despite only having nine players due to some last minute injuries. The first game against West Buckland saw a rattled Truro team struggle to get to grips with a new pitch and playing with fewer numbers than their opposition. We did grown into the game however, and the 10-1 score line was not representative of the game or the ability on show. The second game against an even stronger Mount Kelly team was evened up by Mount Kelly agreeing to play with nine players also. The boys took on board a lot of new information and tactics and gelled fantastically as a team to end up as deserved 2-1 winners. A good effort from all and good determination shown in the second game!

Mr Ricketts


Saturday 13 January- Under 16/Under 18 Boys Hockey vs Mount Kelly 1-3 and West Buckland 3-7

With limited hockey training before this fixture the boys were determined and motivated to perform to the best of their ability. Mount Kelly and West Buckland were fantastic sides and both had key players that dominated the show. We held both teams up from scoring a number of goals and certainly rattled them. It took us a while to settle in the games but when we did we finally started to transfer the ball, win 50/50’s, we attacked the space well and got a number of opportunities to score more goals than we did, the goals we did score were well worked and excellent goals. We played back to back games so were lacking in energy and not having played at such an intensity for a long time this certainly started to show in the last 10 minutes where we conceded the majority of our goals. It was a great performance by our boys and with a bit of technical and fitness training when we face Mount Kelly again in March it could be a different score line.

Well Done!

Miss Manley


Wednesday 17 Jan- Under 14 Girls Hockey vs Mounts Bay 7-0 win 

A great performance from start to finish was shown by the U14’s. They ensured they kept the intensity of the game high throughout and they didn’t drop there playing standards when the goals continued to go in. The press was executed well, nine times out of ten they won the ball from this. The ball was transferred at pace and accuracy around the pitch waiting for the gaps to appear. The goals were fantastically worked goals from nearly every player in the team having some involvement in at least one of the goals. I was extremely pleased with their overall performance and I look forward to the same going in to the next few fixtures coming up in the next couple of weeks.

Well Done Girls!

Miss Manley


Thursday 18 January- Under 12 Girls Hockey vs Penair

Under 12 girls played Penair at home and in a thrilling game of two halves the girls played some intelligent hockey. The first half Penair were very much controlling the play, making frequent attempts at goal but were kept at bay by goal keeper Maddie Higgins. Second half the girls held their positions far better and after an intense phase of end to end hockey two brilliant goals came in quick succession from centre midfielder Libby Worrall. Melissa Shipsey was voted player of the match for some great movement off the ball and helping the ball out of defensive 16s. Well played girls!

Miss Munn


Thursday 18 January – Under 13 Girls Hockey vs Penair- 4-1 win

It was an exciting game from start to finish, the girls played some fantastic hockey and this was a great warm up game for County tournament. Penair had one key player that stood out and dominated  the game, we slowly worked this out and ensured she had no more involvement in the game. We moved the ball well and showed of some lovely individual skill. Our positioning in the D was fantastic and that’s where one of the goals came from, great positioning on the post, a ball was fired in from the right hand to the far left post, it was slotted in with one touch. The game ended 4-1 to Truro School and a win we won comfortably. There was a number of things we took away from this game in order to ensure we are prepared for the County Tournament.

Well Done Girls!

Miss Manley


Thursday 18 January- Under 12 Boys Hockey vs Humphry Davey, Mounts Bay and Cape Cornwall

V’s Mounts Bay Under 13 girls

Won 3-2


It was lovely to see the first year boys playing some matches. Captained by L.Newton we swapped the positions around to find a good format. Our first game was against the girls, O. Phypers helping out in goal at both ends. L. Newton playing in the centre scored two great goals assisted by T. Phillips. B. Harvey scored another great goal winning the first game for the boys.


V’s Mounts Bay Under 12 Boys

Won 2-1


A tougher game, once we started to use the wings we were able to get some great passages of play. T.Phillips had some lovely leading ahead assisted by B.Harvey and L.Newton. I was impressed with J.Leigh in defence, he listened well to advice and managed to distribute the ball well. O.Mount defended well and the score was even with only a few minutes to go. T.Phillips got into a great position and scored the winning goal.


V’s Humphrey Davy Under 12 boys

Won 2-0


  1. Stevenson played up front and got into some great positions. Helped by B.Harvey and T.Phillips we won by two goals.


V’s Truro School Under 13 boys

Lost 1-0


A very competitive match by both teams. The Under 12 boys stepped up and had some lovely passing and leading ahead. We could not quite hold off the Under 13 boys and lost by only one goal. Well done!

Mrs Wyatt


Thursday 18 January – Under 13 Boys Hockey vs Humphry Davey, Mounts Bay and Cape Cornwall

On Thursday the 18 January, the Under 13 Boys arrived with the Under 12 Boys at Penzance for a small tournament against other local Cornish schools. It was a good opportunity for the boys to get some more game play against different teams and it saw the boys draw their match against Mounts Bay 3-3 with a final game against Truro Under 12s (who proved to be strong opponents in the tournament), winning 1-0. I have been impressed by the strength and resilience that the boys have shown in their games, ensuring that they have good possession of the ball and for making it clear that they are very determined. They have been learning quickly through their observations of game play at different matches and have started to adapt their play accordingly. A good practise to help them to prepare for the county tournament towards the end of the season.’

Miss Woods