Date Posted... Jan 31st 2017



Hockey Match Reports: January 2017

Tuesday 31st January

Under 13a Girls County Tournament- reached the semi final

With 25 teams entered the girls were prepared and ready for action. Throughout the group stages the girls were motivated and determined to come out on top after each game, that was confirmed scoring a total of 25 goals and conceding just 1 in 5 games. The girls played some fantastic hockey which were incredible team performances to watch. There were lots of positive comments and reinforcement given to each other which helped keep their performance of high standard play throughout the day. Facing Truro B in the quarter final made it an interesting draw and a shame that one team had to get knocked out. Both teams put on a determined and committed performance. Truro A had the majority of the possession but Truro B made some solid tackles in defence keeping the ball out. With a draw at full time, it went to extra time, the girls were exhausted but carried on with the fight of getting an overall winner, Truro A managed to get the goal with only a few minutes to go. After this game and making our way up to Penair we got drawn with Richard Lander in the semi, we knew they had some key players in there set up so tried to man mark them out the game from the start. I could see the girls were exhausted which started to affect there hockey, with one extremely lucky goal from Richard Lander on a short corner, then another one followed 30 seconds later it was hard for our girls to pick themselves up from this but they did and continued to work above and beyond until the final whistle went. I was so proud of the girls, putting in such hard work and effort throughout the day but tiredness played an impact on the last hurdle.

Well Done Girls!

Miss Manley

Under 13 a and b teams photographed above at the Girls County Tournament.

Under 13b Girls County Tournament- reached the quarter final

Under 13 B team played some excellent hockey this Tuesday in the 7-a-side county tournament. The girls worked together brilliantly in a string of matches against various Cornish school teams and winning all but one match in which they were only one goal short. Developing as individual players and as a collective the girls took on board any points of improvement after each game and outperformed themselves time and time again. Their drive and determination saw them through to the quarter finals where they faced their school mates in the A team, after 8 nail biting minutes of extra time they conceded a well-placed goal and the semi-finals were unfortunately out of reach.

Miss Munn

Sunday 29th January

Under 12 Girls vs Duchy

Won 10 – 0

Under 12 girls played a fantastic match versus Duchy on Sunday. They showed great determination and linked well as a team, where possible making strong passes and using each other to progress up the pitch towards their attacking D. Finishing and goal scoring were outstanding in this fixture as the girls put 10 goals into the opposition’s goal. Good ball handling skills and a good knowledge of the game of hockey was shown throughout, well done girls!

Miss Munn

Under 12 Boys vs Duchy

Drew 0 – 0 

In rather delightful weather and having a few players away due to illness, the players were focussed and determined to get a result. The boys played lots of individual hockey but had fantastic skill and beat the opposition on a number of accounts. The ball pace was at top speed and the boys were extremely attacking towards the ‘D’. The duchy keeper made some extremely talented saves which kept duchy in the game. Our boys continued to keep the shots going at the keeper, 90% of them being on target but still couldn’t find the net. Duchy were quick on the break and were unfortunate to not get a goal as well. The game was extremely evenly matched and the result reflected this.

Well Played Boys!

Miss Manley

Under 14 Girls vs Duchy

Won 10 – 0 

The game got under way and from the start, the girls made sure they were in control of the tempo of the game. The game was fast and of a high intensity from our girls. The object of the game was for our girls to maintain possession of the ball which they did well. The girls kept the ball pace up and was calm and confident on the ball making sure they made the successful pass to each other. Rather than always driving the ball forward the girls rolled out and looked back, which drew the opposition out and created space for Truro to move forward. The goals were well worked and each goal was a fantastic team effort.

Well Done Girls!

Miss Manley

Under 14 Boys vs Duchy

Won 7 – 0 

The boys started the game powerful and strong, determined to come out with a win. They made use of the whole of the pitch, spreading the play which tired the opposition out before they moved the ball forward. They closed down in pairs which helped them win the ball all over the pitch and drove forward to ensure they had a comfortable win. It took the Truro boys a while to get a goal in as all 10 Duchy players were behind the ball crowding in the ‘D’ but as soon as the first goal went in, the goals continued to flood in and Truro were very much in control of the game.

Well Done boys!

Miss Manley

Wednesday 25th January

Under 18 Mixed vs Treviglas

Won 8 – 0

The focus and objective of today’s game was to maintain possession and play creative hockey, that’s exactly what the players did. Truro played exceptional hockey, transferring the ball around the back and from left to right, using the free channel to move the ball forward. Truro players used great individual skill to beat players but the team work really stood out on this day, the score certainly reflects this.

Well Done!

Miss Manley

Monday 23rd January

Under 16 Indoor County Tournament- Winners

The Under 16 girls were successful in obtaining the title of County indoor champions on Monday. Truro High school were their only opposition, with the pitch area significantly reduced in size accurate passing and team work was vital and the girls worked hard to defend the Truro High attack marking their opponents man to man whilst then utilising the side board to create goal scoring opportunities resulting in a 2-1 win.

Miss Tresidder

Under 15/Under 16 Boys vs Taunton (ISHC-Inter Schools Hockey Cup)

Lost 0 – 3

The boys were motivated and determined to get the result today. They prepared well, with a good warm up with and without the ball so were ready for action. The game was evenly matched, and the play from both teams was exceptional. Truro played some fantastic passages of play, they used each other’s individual talent to their advantage, having great movement both on and off the ball. The boys excelled in the performance they gave and the score line does not reflect the game, the goals conceded were extremely unfortunate.

Well Done Boys!

Miss Manley

Saturday 21st January

Boys Under 12 vs Mount Kelly

Lost 1 – 2

After a bit of a wait, the enthusiastic Under 12 team started their match. In the first half we were a bit tentative, trying to drive up the middle, forgetting to pre-scan before we passed and we went down by two goals. In the second half we became much more aware of our players off the ball, passing much better and having a majority of the possession. Freddy managed to get a lovely goal but we ran out of time to equalise.

Mrs Wyatt

Boys Under 13 vs Mount Kelly

Won 5-3 

The Under 13 boys have been going from strength to strength recently. After a slightly challenging start to the match, the boys demonstrated a great ability to adjust their tactics according to the strengths of the opposing side. After a quick half-time huddle, we adjusted our formation and attempted to put more pressure and energy into our attacks. It worked! Our passes were quick and our tackling was strong. Mount Kelly showed no sign of weakening but some excellent positioning meant that we found some clear breaks to attack their goal. A strong score of 5-3 to end the match before heading down for some well-deserved hot pasties for teas. Well done boys! This match will support you well for the upcoming tournament.

Miss Woods

Boys Under 14 vs Mount Kelly

Won 2-0 

A frosty and cold morning didn’t stop the enthusiasm from the boys as they arrived for their match on Saturday morning. A quick warm-up and we were ready to play. Mount Kelly were a tough opposition putting a lot of pressure on our defence at different points during the match. However, we held strong and with a good use of the pitch, some great saves and some excellent teamwork we retaliated with some of our own pressure on their goal to score two goals. Luckily it wasn’t long before we could get back into the warmth as we headed down to teas with Mount Kelly after the game. Well done boys, your support for each other and tenacity enabled you to win this challenging match.

Miss Woods

Boys Under 15/Under 16 vs Mount Kelly

Lost 0 – 5 

It took the boys a while to settle into the game and find their feet with positioning and getting a handle on the ball. The boys played some lovely hockey when they had possession of the ball, but they failed to get the ball into the ‘D’ on a number of accounts which affected their chances of getting goals. The Truro boys are very talented individuals and when they play well as a team, the boys perform above and beyond. However this day was not there day, the boys will pick themselves up for the cup game on Monday.

Miss Manley

Boys Under 18 vs Mount Kelly

Won 4-1 

The boys played a new formation and came out strong putting the opposition under pressure from the start. The Truro boys played some fantastic hockey, the ball pace was fast which ensured the passes were solid and the opposition couldn’t intercept. Our boys fought hard to win each ball back if they lost it and were quick on the break, firing balls across the ‘D’ but failed to get a few in the back of the net. The goals however that were scored were well worked team goals.

Well Done boys!

Miss Manley

Tuesday 17 January

Under 13 Girls Hockey v THS

Drew 2-2

Knowing this would be a tough fixture and a good warm up game before the County Tournament at the end of this month the girls were prepared to play a high level and intense game of hockey. It was some of the best hockey I have seen from both teams. Our girls held their positions well and moved the ball around to each player maintaining possession, the game had great pace and great flow to it. Our girls worked superb as a unit, when both attacking and defending, it was a fantastic team performance. The game was from end to end and very equally matched. The score line definitely reflects the game and how close it was.

Well played girls!

Miss Manley

Under 12 Girls Hockey vs THS

Lost 0-4

The Under 12’s played their first fixture of the new year this week and facing the High School, our closest rivals, so early in the term was never going to be easy. Having had just two lunchtime practices since the beginning of the term and with no subs to swap on, the seven players had to work very hard. The team, captained by Evelyn , were carrying a couple of injuries but this did not deter their spirit. In the first half there was little separating the two teams in terms of ability and score but unfortunately the High School went one up just before the half time whistle. After a quick break the match got underway once more and the High School, confident from their first half goal soon added to their tally. A quick break, that caught our defence off guard, saw a wonderfully struck lifted shot at goal fly into the top right corner. At two nil down the tired girls lost their confidence and began to panic which resulted in two further goals being conceded. The final score was 4-0 to the High School but we look forward to a rematch later in the term…

Mrs Mulready

Monday 16 January

Under 15 Girls Hockey v THS (cup)

Lost 0-4

Truro school girls played a great and well fought match against Truro high in the Cup. The first half saw the girls adjusting to a new formation yet finding each other well with some great passages of play from defence up through midfield down both sides of the pitch. With a stand-in goal keeper the whole team did well to fend off strong attacking play from Truro High, conceding two well-placed goals before half time. Looking very much like the stronger team outfield,  with good communication Truro School mounted several brilliant attacks on the opposition’s goal, however the goalkeeper kept a clean sheet. Unable to capitalise on their attacks and conceding a further two goals the final score line was Truro School Nil, Truro High 4, however this was not reflective of the run of play.

Miss Munn

Sunday 15 January

1st XI Girls v Duchy Ladies

Drew 1 – 1

On a chilly morning the girls were well equipped with lemon-drizzle cakes thanks to Molly! What a great match, we played four 15 minute quarters. It was very close up until the last quarter when tired legs left us a bit sparse in defence and the Duchy ladies scored with a lovely post pass. We immediately retaliated with a well-executed passage of play resulting in a great goal by Amy. I was particularly impressed by the girls work ethic on and off the ball, very encouraging for our future matches. Keep it up!

Mrs Wyatt

Friday 13 January

Under 12 Boys v Penair

Won 5 – 0

It was lovely see the strength and depth of hockey in the 1st Year boys’ team. They were captained well by Joseph, who helped organise and encourage well. Unfortunately due to swimming commitments we played their Under 12/Under 13 team but managed a solid 5-0 win with goals by Cal, Freddy, Harry, Misha & Joseph. Well done.

Mrs Wyatt

Under 13 Boys Hockey v Penair

As we warmed up for the match, we knew this would be a tough fixture! Penair had a strong side. Not long after the whistle blew, Penair managed to get a swift ball into our goal. However, this didn’t stop the team. We persevered and adjusted our positions to reflect their tactics. Some excellent saves from our goalie kept us in the game. We realised that we needed to keep applying pressure on their goal to give us a good chance. As a result, by half time we successfully managed to gain two goals. After a quick debrief at half-time we were back again. By the final whistle, the final score was 4-2. I was particularly impressed with the dedication and respect shown by the boys to their teammates and the umpires on and off the pitch. They worked well to support each other and remained consistently positive. An excellent start to this term’s matches! Well done boys!

Miss Wood

Saturday 7 January

Under 14 boys’ vs. Truro Junior Hockey Club

Draw 4-4

What a great start for the Under 14 boys’ hockey team. Playing a 7-a-side match against TJHC, they should all be very proud. They had some lovely passing and some great passages of play resulting in a 4-4 draw. Goals from William (2), Jack & Hugo. The defence was very strong with Matthew and Joshua holding off the attack very well. Bruno made some excellent saves in goal. Our overseas player Nick played superbly in CM showing some great skills and James passed the ball well. A positive start to the term. Well done!

Mrs P. Wyatt