Date Posted... Nov 6th 2017



Cross Country Update November 2017

National Cross Country Relay Championships, Mansfield


Finn, Alexander, Benjy and Isaac were in action for their athletic clubs last weekend in the National Cross Country Relays held at Berry Park, Mansfield.  With three runners per team and a lovely undulating course, passing over grassland and through woods, this event attracts clubs from across the country so the standard was high.


In the Under 17 Men’s race, and in partially muddy conditions, Finn was 24th out of 233 runners and Alexander was 92nd.  Both did very well given that they were disadvantaged by running in the slower 2nd and 3rd legs respectively.  Out of 64 teams, their club team came in 22nd.


In the Under 15 Boys race, Benjy was 50th out of 344 runners and Isaac was 175th.  Again, these were good results given that they both ran Leg 2 and Isaac was a year young in this age group.  They helped their club teams to 10th and 61st respectively, out of 106 teams.


This is very much an early season ‘fun’ event on the calendar, but the results show that their training is progressing nicely.  Their next races are this weekend in the Regional Finals of the ESAA Cross Country Cup, and the Cornwall County Championships.