Date Posted... Sep 19th 2016


Senior School

New Computer Room Opened

Last week saw the long awaited opening of the computer room, known as C-Zero.

The first class to use the new facilities was the Lower 6th form, who seemed perfectly at home with their new machines. They were joined by some first year students who were eager to play on the Raspberry Pi computers – with Minecraft immediately drawing their attention.

This room was designed as a workroom primarily for examination classes, and those keen to explore programming in greater depth. Each machine has a network workstation that is switchable with the Raspberry Pi 3 computer, allowing students to quickly swap between devices. So they can be programming on one and recording their results on another.

The new room is part of the ongoing push, not only in Truro School but across the country, for greater digital literacy in our students. Being a competent consumer of software and an imaginative creator of digital content, including programming, are skills that will be increasingly called upon in the future. Truro is embracing the change by introducing Computer Science across all years in the Junior School and as an option at GCSE and A Level, and this new resource will be a much appreciated workspace.

Kirsty Burridge

Head of Computer Science