Date Posted... Sep 11th 2016


Senior School

Headmaster's Blog – 11 September 2016

Welcome Back

It’s wonderful to have everyone back and the Truro School campus humming again after the summer holidays. The downside of starting a new year on a Monday is that by Friday afternoon we all feel we’ve run a marathon – it takes a bit of time to ‘get fit’ again for the rigours of school life. We have completed the first week of our new fortnightly cycle, and are gathering feedback as we go. It will take a couple of cycles before we settle into the pattern. I already love the crisper start to the day, and with assemblies and tutor periods now before morning break, I’ve been able to be out and about every day between 8.30am and 9am to greet the school (and perform spot checks on uniform).

New PSHEE Programme

This year I’m teaching on our new PSHEE programme and had the delights of teaching a group of 1st Years last period on Friday. My lesson plan was designed to tease out the hopes and fears of our 11 year old joiners, and for them to be able to describe their support network, the people and places they can turn to when they need help. It’s amazing how much mischief youngsters can get up to with Post-it notes! They are certainly a happy and lively bunch.

Student Voice

‘Student voice’ is to be one of our focus areas for the coming year. Our new senior prefect group have also separately flagged this as an issue close to their hearts. Mrs Ellison will be working with them and others to create a system for boys and girls in the Lower and Middle School to raise ‘beefs and bouquets’ and to positively influence school life.

Our Role in the Cornish Community

It won’t surprise you that I see my primary responsibility as ensuring the boys and girls at Truro School get the best possible education. You will also have noticed that objective 5 in our School Strategic Plan 2014-2020 is “to be celebrated as a socially and environmentally responsible member of the Cornish community”. I therefore listened with interest to yesterday’s news about how our new Prime Minister expects fee-paying schools to justify their charitable status. I receive a great deal of positive feedback about the outward facing role that Truro School plays in the Duchy, our award in 2015 for Outstanding Contribution to Music in Cornwall is one example. I’m a firm believer that parents should have choice about where to send their children to school, and ensuring that Truro School both remains distinctive and works to support and draw from other maintained schools are not mutually exclusive exercises.