Date Posted... Dec 7th 2018


Senior School

Emily and Chloe's Gift Appeal

3rd year students Emily and Chloe kindly ask you to support their gift appeal

Chloe and Emily visited the local shelter for homeless families last week and kindly ask you to support their Christmas Gift Appeal with the following message:

We were surprised to see the small flatlets and accommodation at the project. The families there are being helped by amazing staff to find permanent accommodation. They are there for a diverse number of reasons. However it was clear that these families were there through no fault of their own.

Many of the children will not receive gifts this year unless they receive a donated gift.

We received a thank you letter from a family who received donated gifts last year. A mum who was at the shelter having escaped an abusive relationship, explained how being able to give her two boys a gift, when otherwise they wouldn’t receive anything, made Christmas very different.

“It meant that they both had something to open on Christmas morning. Just seeing their smiles that Father Christmas had come was heartbreaking. Without these presents things would’ve been very different.”

Thanks to the help at the project she is in much better circumstances now.

For those who wish to support us in our Gift Appeal endeavour, then below is a list of children at one of the local Truro projects we are supporting. It would be amazing if every child got a gift this year.

We need more gifts for baby boys and girls especially. But all gifts for boys and girls ages 0-16 years will find a home in shelters across the county.

However we do not have enough gifts yet to give even one gift each to this project! We have been able to extend the closing date to the 14th December.

So please give generously!

Thank you.

5 x I year old
3 x 2 year old
2 x 3 year old
1 x 5 year old
1 x 7 year old
1 x 9 year old

2 x 6 months
3 x 2 year old
2 x 3 year old
2 x 6 year old
1 x 7 year old
1 x 11 year old

All gifts to be left at Truro School Reception or given directly to Emily or Chloe in 3M (C2).

Best Wishes, Emily and Chloe