Senior Girls’ Boarding Update – 6 July 2016

This is both a happy and sad last blog to be sending you. Happy because it’s obviously the end of term and everyone is ready for a well-deserved break, sad because we have to say goodbye to our lovely Upper Sixth as well as Miss Thompson. Our Upper Sixth have obviously been with us for two years and Miss Thompson for three. All of them have contributed massively to the happy and successful environment that we have here in Malvern House and I will personally miss them a great deal.

Miss Thompson will still be at school just not in boarding and the Upper Sixth of course will be moving on to a wide range of Universities all over the world. We certainly wish them every happiness and success and hope that all of the girls keep in touch with us and let us know how their lives progress.

I have included the paragraph below which was written by one of choristers who spent the weekend with us in boarding. I enjoyed reading it and I hoped that you would too:

This weekend we were spoilt thoroughly with a trip to the Falmouth spa. This was an amazing experience for me- I’ve never actually been to a spa before. When I first arrived we were treated to an amazing lunch in the spa restaurant washed down with a dip in the pool. I spent a lot of time going from the hot tub to the pool, which felt icy cold after the heat.

Then, the part of the trip that excited me the most, NAILS!!! I’ve never had my nails done, never mind by a professional. I had a bit of help picking the colour from people far more experienced than I in these things, Mrs Murphy and Mrs Kenward. The professional was really nice and had this cool light thing that dried the layers of varnish in a minute.

After the older girls had finished with their massages, including Mrs Kenward and Mrs Murphy, who most deserved it, we went to a restaurant right on the beach with a beautiful view of the sea. Unfortunately for some of the girls when they asked whether there was Wi-Fi they were granted with a blunt, “we believe in the art of conversation”, much to my amusement. I ordered crab and, with the help of a kind waitress successfully managed to eat it though I’m sorry to say that it did make poor Berit a little queasy – being a vegetarian.

It was a great day and so nice to just relax after the whole stress of exams and exam results all round.

I finish by wishing you all a very happy summer and look forward to welcoming our new L6th, our old L6th and Miss Hargreaves back in September.

Claire Murphy – Head of Boarding