Senior Girls’ Boarding Update – 17 May 2016

The sun is shining therefore, the exams must be starting… it happens every year.
The last week has been as busy as ever, we have had the A level coursework music recording; A2 art; the LAMDA showcase and the AS chemistry assessment, all of which I can assure you have been fairly stressful for the many boarders that have been involved.
Thankfully on Thursday we all took a little light relief sitting together for the whole school photo however, what should have taken half an hour ended up as nearly an hour session with many of us tottering on what seemed like very wobbly scaffolding – although we were assured that it was totally safe. The photo was eventually achieved without injury or incident and even the rain held off so perhaps everyone did know exactly what they were doing after all!
This week we also had the World aims coordinators meeting in preparation for the last week of term when the entire school goes off timetable and studies one of the challenges that the World Aims group puts in front of us. Thursday evening saw the girl choristers singing Evensong in the Cathedral, as well as the French department presenting a live radio broadcast of French literature and music on CHBN.
Friday was Charity day with this month’s fundraiser being in aid of the Sepsis charity. Anna should be congratulated for her input explaining the aims and work of this charity in the 4th /5th year assembly.
The weekend consisted mainly of revision for the sixth form girls but Sasha was lucky enough to join ‘The 16’ – girl chorister’s workshop, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Saturday night was a real delight as both Simon and I had a lovely meal out with the girls at Ask in town and this year the budget even stretched to all of us having a dessert which was a real plus.
Sunday was heads down in the books time with the only break being the short sessions at the gym which most of us attempted at some point during the day. Next week is very much focused on exams so fingers crossed for everyone and for once we are probably hoping that the sun doesn’t shine too much!
Claire Murphy – Head of Boarding