Senior Boys’ Boarding Update – 27 January 2016

We say goodbye to Stan who has used flexi boarding over the last two weeks. We hope you have enjoyed and benefited from your time spent in the house. We now welcome Ollie into the house who has taken the option to flexi board for a while.
The lower sixth mocks are now over and the atmosphere in the house is a little more relaxed and the boys have enjoyed their free time. This said the library has been very well used this weekend with students of all ages from within the house making the most of this option.
There has been plenty of talk regarding the forthcoming rugby on Monday 25th January when Truro School play in their National Natwest 6th round game against St Peter’s High School Gloucester. OJ has been eagerly awaiting this game as he has been selected to be part of the first team squad. We wish him and the rest of the players good luck in the game.
Sports followed a common theme this weekend with boarders playing sports training in the fitness suite in the sports centre and watching it on the television or playing NBA basketball, Fifa 2016 or John Maddens American football on the PS4. Also few American football fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the two championships games from the USA later today which will decide which two teams progress to the Superbowl.
On Saturday I has asked the boys what they wanted for a Saturday evening feast. ‘Chicken’ was the popular answer. During the evening a large selection of spicy and plain chicken wings, drumsticks and thighs were cooked for and devoured by the boys.
The outing on Sunday afternoon was to a house favourite ‘Coast to Coast’ karting. A mini bus full of boarders travelled to Hayle to take part in four races.
After selecting two teams of drivers, it was off to the safety brief and then to the racing. The boys went karting here during the first term and on that day the track was bone dry. The karts could be driven hard into the corners in the knowledge that they would follow the driving line throughout the corner and exit at speed. This was not the case today! The track was wet from the morning’s rain and was very challenging to negotiate quickly.
Senior Boys Boarding at Truro School, Cornwall
For those in the know there was far too much over-steer, this meant that the karts continued to the same line if driven too fast. If too much correction was applied this has the effect of spinning the karts out.
The karts had to be driven with respect and skill. Unfortunately for some of our speed obsessed boys the temptation was too much and they spun or crashed the karts with the race marshals really earning their money today. Cyrus seemed to be the main culprit, I counted three spin offs / crashes in one lap!
Despite the poor track conditions the boys had a really enjoyable afternoon.
Sunday evening was upon us after a lovely evening meal and then back into the normal school routine.

Mr Lawrence, Assistant Housemaster Senior Boys’ Boarding