Senior Boys’ Boarding Update – 10 May 2016

We were fortunate to enjoy a long weekend last week and on Bank Holiday Monday we combined with junior boys’ house and ventured over to Bombadinga’s for a few games of laser tag. Heng has clearly put his years in boarding to good use in laser combat with an extraordinary score!

On Friday evening the boys engaged in their normal prep routine in the library to finish off the school week and then made the most of the opportunity to relax in the Sports Centre or the boarding house to get some well-earned down time. Trennick House is full to rafters with boys taking advantage of the benefits of boarding during this final stage of the year, with exams already upon us.

Saturday was a lovely day and a couple of the boys joined the girls’ houses for a trek out with the horses. By the evening, some of the Sixth Form boys had planned to join friends in town for a meal in the Xen noodle bar but others eagerly awaited the Pizza in the comfort of the Common Room as is Trennick tradition. However, it’s not that the boys can’t cook for themselves as some of the Chinese community in boarding gathered in the Trennick kitchen with a feast of their own.

The boys are now making use of the library facilities throughout the weekend to boost their studies and a few boys have also benefitted from a number of subject clinics being offered by staff over the weekends.

On Sunday, once again a few boys joined in with the boys from Pentreve as they travelled to Tavistock for a day in the treetops at Tree Surfing. Once a delicious evening meal was complete focus returned to the week ahead and another opportunity to consolidate work in the library.

With the exam season under way and study leave beginning shortly, we took the opportunity on Monday evening to take the whole boarding house out to the Hubbox in Truro for a Trennick Family meal. The boys enjoyed an evening of burgers, milkshakes and a chance to spend an evening away from school before returning to the house to get back to business.