Senior Boys’ Boarding Update – 1 May 2016

During the week I asked the boys in the house who were in at the weekend what their preference would be for their outing. Ideas offered were quad biking, laser tag, golf, football golf and paintball. Only a few expressed an interest in those but there was one clear winner. ‘The new Captain America movie in 3D’. Credit must also go to the boys who also wanted to make the most of the opportunity to study. All students have started to take or will shortly be taking their exams.

As you can imagine the library has been very well used over the course of the weekend. With students from the other boarding houses taking the opportunity for quiet study.

During Saturday afternoon Daryl and Nikitas used the boarder’s kitchen to cook a spicy chicken and pasta dish. It must have been good as there was nothing left! During the evening the boys were also cooked a feast of chicken and pizza. As usual as fast as was put on the table it was devoured.
On return from the cinema those that went all expressed their opinion that that has been one of the best movies that they have seen.

Semion has been away fencing at the British championships in Sheffield on his return on Sunday he was delighted to share that he had won all of his fights and had been crowned Under 18 British Open champion.