Science Quiz – won by Truro Prep!

The local area heat of the Science Quiz was held here on Friday. There were seven teams of four pupils from Mount House, St Pirans, Truro High and Truro Prep, each comprising two Year 5 and two Year 6 pupils. Competitors were able to confer and vote strategically whenever appropriate.  The quizmaster went over each question to ensure that it was a rigorous learning experience as well as a fun competition. The Truro Prep teams were chosen on merit by results obtained in the selection quiz in Science lessons:


Team 1 – George Purchas (Yr 5), Sam Whitelegg (Yr 5), Una Kincaid (Yr 6), Olivia Whetter (Yr 6)

Team 2 – Max Cromie (Yr 6), Jasper Roebuck (Yr 6), Max Fisher (Yr 5), Kit Gordon-Brown (Yr 5)


The results were as follows:


Truro Prep 2 – Overall score 2050, 78% of questions answered correctly
Truro Prep 1 – 1995
Mount House 1 – 1890
Mount House 2 – 1845
St Piran’s – 1530
Truro High 2 – 1450
Truro High 1 – 1385


An excellent performance by both Truro Prep teams, with Team 1 providing a really exciting finish after a slow start.  Truro Prep Team 2 took an early lead, jostling for position with both Mount House teams, but coming out strongest during the early questions. They then gave a final push to secure victory, with a total of 2050 points, beating their closest rivals (Truro Prep 1) by a mere 55 points.  This was a truly exciting competition and all the budding scientists involved will have benefitted hugely from the event.  Truro Prep teams both did exceptionally well to answer over 75% of the high-level, challenging Science questions correctly.


A gallery of images from the quiz is available to view.