Santa Flies in to Deliver Presents!

At lunchtime on Monday 14 November pupils and staff at Truro Prep School were taken by surprise when Santa Claus dropped in via a helicopter.

Santa on a Helicopter at Truro Prep
Having travelled all the way from the North Pole with the help of Culdrose’s 771 squadron, Santa was full of energy as he proceeded to give each and every pupil a high five.
Santa Visits Truro Prep School
After dropping off 3 bags full of presents, Santa headed into the Pre-Prep for a quick song before heading back home to his busy winter workshop.
A big thank you to Santa Claus for taking the time out of his busy schedule to come and visit us. And a huge thank you to 771 squadron for helping him reach us!
Merry Christmas everyone!

Santa's Elf Helper at Truro School

Santa’s Elf Helper