Rounders at Truro Prep

June 12 2014


On probably the warmest day of the year so far, 40 pupils from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 took part in a packed afternoon of Rounders.


Truro High School for Girls joined us with two teams and Polwhele House School joined us with one team. In total there were 70 pupils participating in the event which led to an exciting and rather active afternoon.


The Year 3 and 4 squad had a bruising match against some very prepared players from Truro High School. The match was lost in the first innings when the Truro Prep players were slightly in awe of the huge hitters of the ball from the opposition. The second half saw the team re shape and, with some crucial changes of fielding positions, the second half was narrowly lost. The final score was 6-9.


Not to be outdone, the players continued to play throughout the event and were happy to take on Polwhele Year 5 team losing narrowly 11 -10 ½! We had loaned two Year 6 players to Polwhele to make up their numbers.


The Year 6 mixed squads of players then arrived on the field and played Truro High Year 6. They were outstanding in their fielding and batting and won both games comfortably – 9 ½ – 4 and 15-5.


The Year 5 players played against a mixed Year 5 team from Polwhele and came out winners with a 9-5 victory.


We then mixed all of the players from the various schools across the teams and finished with yet another match. It was fabulous to see the pupils from all age groups encouraging and responding to one another in such a sporting manner. A super afternoon of sport, and the squash and biscuits at the end were most welcomingly received!


Angela Barnett