Rigor Mortis, Issue Two: Strike

History Prefect Jack Harvey has completed the latest issue of Sixth Form History Magazine, Rigor Mortis.


Among other things the magazine, put together entirely by Jack, explores the concept of strikes through history:


“What prompts a worker to go on strike? Are they successful, and do they achieve anything? Sometimes, strikes are reduced to footnotes in history, appearing and disappearing in the newspapers within a week; but at other times, even the most meagre strikes or protests can lead to further unrest and disillusion: a Russian revolution in 1905, the toppling of a British government in 1979, the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia in 1989. Strike tactics isn’t limited to campaigning for the rights of the worker; it is also a prominent part of military strategy.”


You can read both editions of Rigor Mortis here.